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Curse Of Desire: Complete And Uncut (Taboo Erotica) by Anya Merchant 




All six books in the best selling Curse Of Desire series, by Anya Merchant, edited together into the taboo erotica novel they were originally intended to be. 

Join Tim and the closest women in his life as he struggles with the implications of a paranormal curse that causes him to irresistibly attractive to women. On his journey to return his life to normal, he faces adversity in every step, along with some very hot and hard to navigate encounters with dancers, shape-shifters, soldiers, nuns, and more. Tim also finds himself dealing with the perplexing problem of getting too much of a good thing, and the reality of both love and love triangles as his relationships with the people close to him evolve.

































Curse Of Desire: Complete And Uncut (Taboo Erotica) Anya Merchant [ePub eBook]

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