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Healing the Eye the Natural Way: Alternate Medicine and Macular Degeneration by Edward Kondrot 




This 12-step program is divided into three sections: part one focuses on improving general health; part two presents techniques for exercising and relaxing the eye; and part three details homeopathy, chelation, and microcurrent stimulation.

"Anyone with Eye-Related problems needs this book. Dr. Kondrot talks to us in an easy-to-understand language gives us many ways to help keep our eyes healthy and discusses the medical ramifications of macular degeneration simply and in a straightforward manner. It is a joy to have a medical doctor finally embracing the many alternative medicine 'tools' that are out there today in an intelligent manner - and from experience." -- Eileen Naumann, Author of Homeopathy 911

"I just read "Healing the Eye the Natural Way", and it is terrific. The book is organized, factual, and simple yet thoroughly explained with great examples to clarify complex ideas about macular degeneration."

"This is a very practical guide that patients can use to evaluate their condition, make choices, and initiate a reasonable program for themselves. Hope reigns eternal, and hats off to you for explaining why it should, on a mind, body, and spiritual level that emphasizes self-empowerment." (Dahlia Hirsch, MD (Ophthalmologist and Wholistic Doctor)) -- Dahlia Hirsch, MD (Ophthalmologist and Holistic Doctor)










































Healing the Eye the Natural Way: Alternate Medicine & Macular Degeneration [PDF]

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