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Tesla's Engine: An New Dimension for Power by Jeffery A. Hayes


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Tesla Engine Builders Assn (1994)

Pages:  225

Journey back to the future and discover the fascinating secret behind the most powerful and economic combustion engine of our time: Tesla's whirl wind machine of natural harmony. Experience the excitement of understanding as the vortex energy, of a perfectly controlled mechanical tornado, shatters the boundaries of our current mechanical standards. This amazing engine will improve all aspects of our mechanical life. Today's applications range from high mileage vehicles and supersonic aircraft to freon free air conditioning and virtually indestructible pumps. Conventional pumps and engines pale in comparison. This jewel of mechanics has no equal. It stands alone above all others. No other pump or engine can match the longevity, economy, size, safety, silence and vibration free Herculean power of this truly elegant machine. Tesla's Engine waits patiently, ready to solve the efficiency and pollution problems of today and will literally usher in A NEW WORLD. Fully indexed and illustrated.































Tesla's Engine: An New Dimension for Power by Jeffery A. Hayes [PDF]

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